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Yury Egorenkov — Professional Team Lead / Fullstack — resume

Looking for an interesting project

Professional full-stack developer and team lead of software developers group. Has been working on software for more than 15 years. Well, understand the process of building programs, both from the architectural or implementation point of view and from the point of view of management and organization of the workflow.

I prefer an iterative development process with a duration of one to two weeks. Each developer must send a valuable commit daily. We have an automatic system for the delivery and installation of new versions based on Drone, Docker, and Netlify. Customers and real users should get the real experience of using the product as soon as possible. Depending on their feedback and key parameters, it is possible to flexibly change the goals and priorities of the work.

In the past of several years, I was in the role of the head of Fullstack developers. I managed to select a team of high-performance developers and establish a stable workflow for creating software. As a result, many modern web services were built.

Primary competence is Reactive Web services based on React, and Backend on GoLang, Postgresql, as well the Blockchain (ETH).


Solid experience: Javascript (ES6), Golang, SQL.

Passing familiarity: Java, Clojure, Rust, Haskell, Erlang, C/C++.


SQL databases: Postgresql, MySQL.

Misc: Git, Docker, Drone CI/CD, Netlify.

Application types

Front-end Web Services

Reactive rich web applications based on ReactJS (SPA)

Traditional web applications (server-side rendering, forms)


REST API backends

Websocket API backends with live notifications

Ethereum apps

Interesting (in study mode)

iOS mobile applications

Machine Learning / AI


Location: Moscow, Russia / Budva, Montenegro / Remote work.

Always up-to-date link to resume.


Skype yury.egorenkov

Telegram yury_egorenkov

Phone +7-916-900-3777

@ Email write to me, if you want to talk